Thursday, 12 March 2009

finished! the crocheted scarf

I decided this year to try really hard to make handmade gifts for most of my friends and family's birthdays. I've tried in the past and never really got the planning thing down, starting projects two weeks before a big date and abandoing them eight months later...

Anyway, this was the first project - a crocheted scarf for my mum, following a pattern in one of the Rowan catalogues and made with Rowan's kidsilk haze, which I did vow never to use again as it's so fiddly, but it does make nice and delicate yet snuggly things.

I only just learned crochet, and find it really addictive, even more so than knitting. There's a very comforting rhythm about needlecrafts. I think it's like a heartbeat.

I was pretty pleased with the final outcome. It's a tiny bit doily-esque, but not so much when you scrunch it all up. Also, fitting that my first crochet project goes to my mum, who was the one to teach me, last Christmas or whenever. I just hope she does get some use out of it!

Here's some pics of me modelling it:

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