Friday, 16 October 2009

the blogger's apology

it's a common refrain on blogs - the 'oh my god, i'm such a bad blogger, i haven't posted in weeks' post. the promises to do better...

(it's a common refrain in my life come to that, the 'i really planned to get round to that, but somehow it slipped by the wayside' explanation...)

I had a long post planned about why posting had dried up, but i don't think all that detail's necessary. I'll summarise:

1. I started wondering too much about the point of some of the things I was doing and posting about
2. I was starting to find the selectiveness of blogging a bit like presenting a false front - why blog about the one decent meal i make a week when the rest of the time I eat chips and fishfingers in front of the TV? that kind of thing. it troubled me.
3. I changed roles at work and the ratio of my office hours I spend actually working increased from about 40% to a hair's width off 100%. the last thing I want to do with my free time is type, and look at a screen.
4. I found more often that not I wanted to just eat things, make things, see thigns, without stopping to photograph them first, and without stopping to plan how to present them in print

so, sadly, this blog, which I started with a great deal of ideas and exuberance, and which went quite swimmingly at first, has swiftly trailed off. as so many do.

which isn't to say I won't blog again - it's a nice project to have, and I do like projects. i really think a lot of good can come from the micro-communities blogs spawn; i've really appreciated comments i've got here, adn the inspiration i've got from other blogs. i can still feel the urge to blog. but it's a little like that urge to re-invent one's wardrobe or finally kick off the fitness programme in a big way - a nice idea, but not much without real commitment and realistic aspirations.

Anyway, I think that's about all I needed to say. I just felt I should come and finish things off nicely.