Friday, 15 January 2010

Moving again...

I've carried notebooks round with me for years. Currently there are just the two - one for organisation - my calendar, my expenditure, birthdays, addresses and so on; the other for notes and lists and that kind of thing. Previously they were mostly for 'musings' and trying to write stories and so on.

The thing is I never finished any of my stories, I never followed through on any ideas I had for particular collections of musings or projects. I never even finished any notebooks, because the appeal of starting a new one always got so strong. Ah, fresh white pages...

All of which I mention, because blogging is kind of my notebooks in the internet age. This was my fourth (after a quickly deleted personal one, a relatively long-lived food one and a short-lived movement and dance one). And now I'm moving on to my fifth!

As I mentioned in my last post (which, by the way, thank you for all the nice comments on), I started to feel a bit constrained by this blog, and a bit false. I started to want to write somewhere a little looser, and dare I say it, more personal (I always swore I'd never have a blog just about 'me and my musings'). I still want to write about trying to live greener and more diy, but I don't want to feel that's all I can post about.

So, I've moved here: . The intention is to use my dream of owning and running a little cafe as the thread to bind together various interests (mostly food, craft, eco-living) and a little random rambling. As I'll cover things I've covered in this and my old food blog, I may re-publish the odd post from here and there.

I wish I was a focused person, a person who could get into things and really get into them; but I am not, I am a dabbler. I can never have just one interest to focus on, it has to be two, or four or five. Same with projects. I took a multi-subject degree, and then another one. I've lived in 12 different houses in 9 years. I flit.

So I think this will suit me better - flitting around whatever is interesting me just then, able to improvise and expand.

I would be delighted if you'd come and visit me there: