Thursday, 9 July 2009

A local meal!

A little while ago (feels like a very long while ago!) I signed up to LivingSenses lovely challenge to prepare and eat one local meal a week throughout June and August.
Well, I managed one week, before "things" got in the way...
It isn't much special, but let me tell you anyway.
At the farmer's market I chose:
- broad beans, because they reminded me of my parent's garden in summer - we were often tasked with shelling them
- strawberries, after tasting one and realising the seller wasn't lying when he claimed they were a variety acclaimed for their sweetness and flavout
- asparagus, just because it looked good
- and gooseberries, on a nostalgia trip also - these grow in my parents garden as well, and I never really see them in the shops.
All were English, and from fairly nearby, though I can't remember now which was which - Kent, Essex and Sussex I think.
I took my haul home and steamed the beans and asparagus to accompany poached eggs (from Somerset) and toast (yummy bread from a South London bakery).
Strawberries became breakfast pudding. At which point I should confess to distinctly non-local coffee and tea accompanying this virtuous-sounding feast, and quite possibly a second breakfast pudding of cake from the Portuguese shop (I love breakfasts that stretch on all morning!)

Later, I finished the beans and asparagus in a green veggy quiche - some old spinach and spring onions from the fridge (also both English I think) joined them, along with the Somerset eggs again, and English milk, and flour I think, though I forget now. This lasted several days for packed lunches.

And then, I topped off a day of local (ish) cooking, by baking this gooseberry cake. It doesn't look pretty, but it tasted a-mazing! I used a recipe meant for plum cake, which produced a very soft and light yet still somehow moist cake. Very very good. I'll dig out the recipe and post it here soon!

Although I've been kind of rubbish at this challenge so far, it's already been good to me, in that I never really bought much from the farmers market before, and have shopped there several times now, which has been really nice. And hopefully, I'll put together a few more local meals before the challenge-time is up, so watch this space for that... And do go and visit Local Senses and join in the Go Local challenge if you're feeling inspired.


heather jane said...

Yippeee!! What a gorgeous day of local food. You really ate well. And beautiful photos to boot. So happy you are joining in. Thanks for sharing!

Color Me Green said...

yum i really want to learn how to make quiche!

Deb said...

I found your blog through Heather's Go Local challenge and I think your food looks lovely! It's fun to see someone take the challenge "across the pond".

Marie said...

The cake looks lovely. Mmmm, can you send me the recipe please :) And I like the new header!

LK said...

thanks for comments guys.

will defo post cake recipe - i used it again recently without fruit but topped with lemon syrup and sandwiched with lemon butter cream and was delish.

quiche is pretty easy - well the way i make it is; it is a bit rough and ready - i don't blind bake the pastry, just chuck in my filling, pour over a couple of eggs beaten with about an equal amount of milk and bake in a medium oven until it seems set (40-50 mins?). For the pastry I use half the amount of butter of flour (so, e.g. 6oz flour and 3oz butter). Just rub the butter into the flour until you get breadcrumbs, cut in 6 tablespoons water (same number of tbsps as ozs of flour) with a knife, then bind with fingers and leave to chill for 30mins before rolling out.