Monday, 1 June 2009

June List

June's here! And it's actually sunny, hooray!

So, from top left, going clockwise.

1. I love this ring from artisan look on etsy. Gorgeous

2. Also lusting after the lovely caoba top - another etsy find by Zelaya. It's made of organic cotton, can be worn two ways, and looks perfect for warm weather (apart from the fact that I ban myself from buying white apparel on the grounds that I'm just too prone to spilling things).

3. Hoping to catch the The Photographic Object exhibition at the photographers gallery in its new home. It's one of my favourite London galleries with a constant turnover of small and interesting exhibitions and I haven't visited since it recently moved.

4. I'm sure this golden sands brooch from Calexandra would make everything in my wardrobe look better.

5. Comfy and chic, and coral, one of my all-time favourite clothing colours, this Peopletree bubble dress is another item on my wardrobe wishlist.

6. Having finally managed to keep up regular(ish) running training since January, planning to run a 5K this month, with Sri Chin Moy races in lovely Battersea Park.

7. Cherries have started to arrive on the streets of London and I can't get enough of them. They just taste of summer. I went to my first picnic this weekend just gone and sitting in the sun in the company of interesting people, with a handful of cherries and a glass of prosecco is a good recipe for a Sunday afternoon...


heather jane said...

What a lovely list! I especially like the cherries and the ring.

I noticed your comment on Turkey Cookies and thought I stop over to invite you to participate in our little Go Local challenge. You can read more about it on the blog if you like...

Have a lovely day.

heather jane said...

I'm so glad you're joining in with Go Local! You will be our first participant from over the cool is that?!

In response to the button issue:

1. Right click on the button you like best and click save as.
2. Save the picture to your computer where you can find it again.
3. Go into your layout button on blogger and add a gadget.
4. Choose to add a picture and upload said picture from your computer.
5. Then copy and paste the following URL in the link section of your gadget so that when people click on the button it takes them to Living-senses where they will hopefully join in the fun. So here's the URL:

e-mail me at sewhappyjane at gmail dot com with any questions!

You have a button! Again, thanks for joining in!!Looking forward to seeing how this works for you in the UK.


Kylli said...

That is very pretty..........I like the dress as well. And I love cherries.............but they won't be in season here yet for a while.