Friday, 3 April 2009

the inaugural swap party

So, last Saturday I finally got around to hosting a clothes swap party. I kept putting it off for ages, worrying about how it would work, and whether people would come, and how rubbish my clothes were etc. etc. ...

But in the event, like a lot of things I worry about, it was really very good and none of my imagined problems came to bear...

I forgot to take photos, so I've whipped up some drawings in Excel to illustrate this post (drawing in Excel another pastime dreamt up that Looks Like Work But Is Really Just Me Whiling Away The Time). It's kind of fun!

So, hear's what I learned:

1. You don't need that many people - we were 6 in the end. Out of about 25 I invited, there was a lot of interest expressed, but loads who just couldn't make it and I was a bit worried it just wouldn't work size and taste wise but it was fine and I actually think much more would be a bit of a challenge in terms of logistics - lots of people wanting the same thing for example, and even just the time it takes to look through everything!
2. You definitely want a few drinks and nibbles. We ended up sitting around chatting and eating/drinking for a couple of hours before getting down to swapping. It helped everyone get acquainted and in the mood to run around trying on clothes like crazy

3. It really is satisfying when something that looked kind of ok on you, looks completely awesome on someone else.

4. There's quite a lot of flexibility in sizes. I am currently wearing a skirt whose previous owner weighs about half what i do, but although i have to wedge it over my thighs it fits the waist and is fine. Likewise, some stuff in bigger sizes looked good on the smaller people.

5. Mirrors are good - I could probably have done with another few, and especially a full-length one but we managed with just the ones in the bathroom.

6. It's really true that something you hate someone else might totally love. I put out this old tweed suit kind of for fun, because it looks just awful on me, but both parts went, whereas the cool Reiss skirt I thought would be snapped up noone really fancied.

7. It's a lot of fun - both having the party and having a whole load of new clothes to work into your wardrobe. Definitely worth doing. It's just such a win-win thing. You clean out your wardrobe of stuff that's just making you feel guilty for buying it or fat because it doesn't fit, or just taking up space and getting old. You get new stuff for free and you have a fun night out. Beats shopping any day...


Marie said...

I am very impressed with you Excel drawings! Now that is a skill :)

very married said...

i did this in high school and it worked out SO well (cept I themed it "a princess party" and we wore tiaras while swapping). i totally daydream about doing a repeat and i'm glad that it still works for adults - sans tiaras? ...maybe w/ tiaras.

Amber said...

oooh i really want to go to one of these! or host one?? such a wonderful and thrifty idea.